Talc, Talcum Powder, Baby Powder

Talc, talcum powder or just plain baby powder - what could be more innocent than that? It seems like such a soft, refreshing & harmless product, after all it's used on babies, shouldn't it be safe?


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Unfortunately that is not that case. Talcum powder has been positively linked to ovarian cancer. To worsen the matter, the cancer doesn't show up until 20 years after the toxic exposure.

Sadly ovarian cancer in some young women has been traced back to the days when as babies they were lovingly dusted with baby powder by parents who were unaware of the hazard.

How scary is that?

In rare cases, inhaling this fine powder has also been linked to death in babies.

So this begs the question, why does Johnson's Baby Powder still consist mainly of the raw mineral Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide or just plain "Talc"?. The other ingredient listed is "fragrance."

You cannot unfortunately trust brands or marketing to lead you to safe products. They are trying to make a sale, not necessarily protect you and your family. What other reason would explain the use of it in a baby product?

There is however an alternative to the traditional talc which is a powder made from cornstarch or arrowroot.

And the good news is you can easily also make your own powder.

Please also watch the following video which shows you how!.

Make Your Own Baby Powder! It's Easy! Watch this video!

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