Triethanolamine aka TEA - harmful toxic chemical

TEA or Triethanolamine is not the warm pleasant beverage you love to drink.

We are talking about the a nasty chemical that lurks in cosmetics and can be very harmful to both your lungs and your eyes by causing painful inflammation!

Safety sheets recommend avoiding long exposure to it.

The Cosmetic Review board states that it is safe to use as long as the exposure is very short as in a product that gets washed off.

The problem with this is that TEA is in up to 40% of cosmetics today.

So is our exposure really small or could it be quite large?

In addition it can become contaminated with nitrosamines which have been positively correlated with cancer.


You will find TEA in cleansing type products like shampoo, shower gel, shaving cream and facial cleansers.

It is often used as a pH balancer. You will often also find it in hypoallergenic products!

You may want to be cautious and avoid triethanolamine wherever possible.


Do you have tips or suggestions of alternative products that DO NOT contain Triethanolamine? Please contact us. We would love to hear from you & will publish your tips here to help our future visitors!.



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